Everything you should know about digital agency

Users type in search terms. If the website is prominently displayed on the search results, people will be directed to this website. They might be looking for a specific product or service at the moment and are most interested in purchasing or looking for information at the start of the buyer acquisition funnel. You can read more about the service on the website of our Digital Marketing –°ompany.

Sales and transactions

If your site is easy to use, the variety of goods is wide and prices are affordable and ordering is fast and simple, then any visitors will result in orders or sales on your website.

Customers who have been loyal and repeat customers

With high-quality optimization, an attractive website structure, and a practical product or service card the customer will be able to remember the site and is able to return to ask questions that are branded. If the client is satisfied with the product or service after purchasing, that satisfaction should be sustained and further developed. This includes, for instance, developing relationships with each customer with the aid of CRM-marketing. Customers love personalized content which they are provided when they need it and in the appropriate spot. They will surely return to make another order.

Benefits and drawbacks of SEO site promotion

Search engine optimization for websites can bring the website’s visitors via search engines. The traffic that is generated is referred to as organic or search engine traffic. Like every other, comes with numerous pros and cons. Let’s take a look at the top advantages:


You don’t need be paying for each click. In fact, search engines don’t charge users for clicks on organic results, meaning you don’t need to pay for visitors who arrive via search. In contrast to contextual ads in which every click of an advertisement will be a cost to you. It’s actually not so easy. It is still necessary to invest funds into search engine optimization whether you use the services of an agency, or are an internal employee. Conscientizing that the traffic from organic searches is a lot less expensive than the traffic generated by contextual advertising. Furthermore, the goal of optimizing the website is intended to improve the overall project, including the layout and landing pages, as well as content marketing. The customer also benefits from targeted traffic as well as improvements to the site, which is different from other kinds of advertisements.

The internet is a hot spot for traffic. People search for the item or service on their own and enter search terms to find it. In addition, they search for it in real-time. This makes organic traffic one of the best and most affordable methods to get visitors.

Flexible query selection. You can decide for yourself the set of queries you wish to make available through search. When you do this you will have an array of queries to manage the demand at every stage of the funnel for customer acquisition creating brand awareness as well as generating “hot” market demand in the process of making a purchase while working in conjunction with the existing customers. However you could focus on promoting the most profitable products or queries that bring in the highest number of customers for your area. The queries you choose to view can be found within Yandex Webmaster.

Improve the technical quality of the website. To allow a website to be ranked highly it has to meet the specifications for search engine. By focusing on promotion of search engines can ensure that the website loads quickly on any device and minimize the amount of errors that hinder purchasing. In a bit, we’ll discuss about the elements that affect SEO promotion of the website.

Enhances the usability of the website. Search algorithms are changing and more often taking into consideration the ease of use of the website. It is essential for users to search, filter, and buy any product or service. Search engines love this.


The results won’t be visible immediately. After optimizing a website the search engines require time to crawl it. Search queries gradually rise in ranking until they are in the top 10 spots. The duration of this time is variable – typically two to six months.

Costs for site improvements. The process of improving your site consists of two major components – the development of a strategy for improvement and the execution of the modifications. The creation of the plan is the responsibility of an SEO-contractor, and the implementation is the responsibility of your web development team. Both require cash and time. However along with traffic or spots among the top 10 you can see a boost in the whole website. This will have a positive impact on conversions – it improves and lets you receive more visitors from various traffic source.

A limited search’s relevance. The number of searches on your area could be low. In this scenario it is not advisable to invest in a complete search marketing might not be the best choice. It is more appropriate to get the website in order and keep it.

What is the process by which SEO promotion of websites take place?

  • The client’s brief and the evaluation of the website
  • Promotion strategy
  • The SEO contractor writes terms of Reference (ToR)
  • Programmers use TOR
  • Examining the results
  • Reporting on indicators of search engines
  • The plan is adjusted and the strategy