7 Tips for First Time Parents

The birth of a child is the most significant event in the life of every couple. To realize themselves as parents – this is the goal of most people, embedded in our by nature. And now, nine months of pregnancy flew by, the baby was born. Is there joy? Of course. But there is also fatigue, lack of sleep, and so on. This leads to irritability, quarrels, and scandals between spouses.

About parents

The birth of a child is a completely different level of responsibility than the one they had before: their own interests give way to the desires of a newborn baby; a mother and a father learn to satisfy the needs of the baby, etc. New parents will have to be patient to withstand this difficult period. But at the same time, the birth of a child is an ideal opportunity to completely change your life for the better. If people led a passive lifestyle previously, now the need to monitor their health can make them switch to healthy food, go in for sports, and do many other things.

How to become good parents

So, take this advice from Ukrainian girls:

  1. Create a flexible schedule

Take it as a fact that your day plan can change at any time. Outline 2-3 things you need to do in a day (not necessarily large-scale, but important for you and your family). Check if you can break them into five-minute components. If so, complete the subtasks gradually. If any action was planned to be performed while the baby is sleeping, consider a plan B. Predicting the exact time when the baby falls asleep is almost useless, especially in the first few months. Over time, you will learn to prioritize. Even if not all things are done, praise yourself at the end of the day. In fact, you managed to do much more than you noticed: you fed the child several times, played and walked together, talked about something new and incredibly interesting.

  • Take advantage of new technologies

Let the technique does some things for you. A device will not get tired and will not be distracted by the crying of the child. Let a washing machine and an automatic dryer take care of things; a dishwasher and a robot vacuum cleaner can do cleaning, and so on. Also, purchase a massage pillow. It will allow you to relax in a short time.

  • Cook

Pay attention to useful gadgets that allow you to cook several dishes at once: for example, in a slow cooker, you can stew vegetables and cook meat at the same time. And a food processor, a chopper, and a blender will save time on preparing the ingredients! Make semi-finished products: for example, chop cabbage or grate carrots in advance, make preparations for homemade patties or dumplings, and put everything in the freezer!

  • Talk to your baby

By the seven months of life, many babies begin to crawl, thereby, reporting on their desire and need to communicate with relatives. Talk to your baby and gently caress your baby.

  • Take a course, watch a video, or read special literature on first aid

Unfortunately, it is rarely possible to avoid traumatic situations when the baby is growing. He/she can swallow a button or other small object, burn themselves, and so on. You must clearly know what to do in such cases and not give in to a state of shock.

  • Keep a “Diary of Success” of the baby

Make notes in it regularly: weight gain, when the baby smiles for the first time, holds the head, crawls, walks, when the first tooth comes out, and so on. All these points are quickly forgotten, so it is better to write them down.

  • Take photos of the baby

Take photographs and shoot videos as often as possible. Children grow up very quickly, and the more moments you take, the more joyful moments your family will experience when watching a photo album or movie.