Happy Birthday, Aries!

My sweet Arie Berry, you are now 1 year old! I remember when I saw you for the first time; you were just 9 weeks old. You were so sweet, so timid. You snuggled into my lap the whole way home. I knew you must be sad, missing your mom and littermates. I could feel my heart making a place for you right then and there. You were my new baby. 

You did not stay timid for long! You quickly came out of your shell with us, though you were still shy around new people. You were born in the city and had never seen grass, and you absolutely loved the backyard.

For months after we got you, you had accidents and chewed up everything in the house! You were such a naughty boy. I am glad to say that you are finally house-trained and know to only chew dog toys and bones!

You are such a goofy boy and you are always making me smile.

You seem to have no idea how big and strong you are getting. You still act like a big baby! When you accidentally run into someone, you knock them over and/or bruise them with your brick-like head! Luckily, you are careful around Kaylee and other kids.

You have grown up into such a big, lovable dog. You are still a puppy at heart but you have a lot of potential. I still think you would love to do therapy work. When you calm down and get a bit better with your obedience, you will be the perfect therapy dog.

Thank you for being part of our family. You add a lot of love to the mix. And you drive me crazy sometimes but you’ve really taught me to be a more patient and calm person. Love you, Aries!! ♥